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Poochie Heaven Articles

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Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin


Country of Origin: Japan

First Use: Companion to aristocracy

Origins: 700s

Height: 9in

Weight: 4-7lbs

Temperament: Intelligent, alert


There is a distinct similarity between this breed and the Pekingese, but the Japanese Chin is both taller and of a lighter build. The coat of a puppy is relatively short compared with that of an adult dog.


History: Queen Victoria, an enthusiastic dog lover, had two Japanese Chins

Remark: Early examples of the breed were apparently quite delicate and tended to be even smaller that those seen today.

Other Names: Japanese Spaniel, Chin

Notes: The Japanese Chin has long hair on its ears, large, dark eyes, and slender feet.

Color types: Chestnut red and white, black and white


Source: Dogs by David Alderton


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