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Poochie Heaven Articles

Poochieheaven offers a large selection of informative articles to help you take care of your dog and cat. Whether you want to know about orthopedic dog beds for your aging dog or how to make your cat wear that adorable cat tuxedo, we will be able to help.

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Care of Your Dog�s Teeth, Ears and Nails

Regular care of your dog’s dental and nail hygiene is important to a dog’s overall health. These are little things often overlooked by many people until it becomes a problem but three things that can help you care for your dog in these areas are dog toothpaste, dog toothbrushes and dog nail polish.

Dogs normally have strong nails but if they get caught on something or are cut too short it can be painful for the dog. Many dogs resist having their nails cut and must be firmly but gently handled to keep the nails of proper length. Small dogs especially may benefit from having dog nail polish applied as an extra layer of protection for their nails as well as a splash of color that can compliment or contrast a dog’s coat.

If you don’t have the dewclaws removed pay special attention to this nail which can be forgotten. If this snags on something and the nail is torn it can be messy as well as painful for the dog until it heals. For this reason many have these small non-functional nails removed as puppies.

Dental care is also very important for your dog. If you see tartar on the teeth or your dog has bad ‘doggie breath’ it can mean that bacteria are lurking in the mouth. A dog toothbrush and special formulated dog toothpaste can be a tool for taking care of this on a regular basis, as well as providing hard chew toys for your dog or large recreational bones. Be sure to keep these items in proportion to the size of the dog – a large dog toothbrush is uncomfortable in a little dog’s mouth!

Poor dental care can prevent infections, tooth loss and even health problems that may spread to the kidneys or heart. Although your veterinarian can do cleaning and scaling under anesthesia this is always a risk especially with short nosed dogs.

Good dental and nail care prevents problems and should be done regularly.

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