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Poochie Heaven Articles

Poochieheaven offers a large selection of informative articles to help you take care of your dog and cat. Whether you want to know about orthopedic dog beds for your aging dog or how to make your cat wear that adorable cat tuxedo, we will be able to help.

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Airline Information for Taking Your Dog Flying

Traveling with your Pet- Airline Guidelines


Travel information is different for all pets traveling to Hawaii. If going to Hawaii, contact your airline for more information.





·         Advanced Reservation is required

·         One way fee of $150

·         Service Animals are always welcome

·         Does not require a health certificate for carry on animals

·         The carrier is limited to a maximum dimension of 17”Lx12”Wx8”H

·         Combined weight of animal and kennel cannot be more than 15 pounds.

·         Must be leak proof and ventilated on two sides

·         Your pet must remain in the carrier for the duration of the flight

·         Pets are limited to small dogs, cats, and birds

o   All other animals must be checked as cargo

·         Carry-on pets are not permitted in World Business Class on Northwest A330 aircraft, due to the lack of sufficient under seat storage space

·         Pets must be at least 8 weeks old

·         Larger dogs and other animals are permitted to fly as checked baggage.




·         Southwest Airlines does not accept live animals in the aircraft cabin or cargo compartment other than fully trained assistance animals accompanying a person with a disability or being delivered to a person with a disability.




·         One way fee of $150

·         Dogs, cats, and birds are allowed in carry-on carriers

·         Maximum carry-on kennel dimensions are determined by your flight

·         Your pet must remain in the carrier at all times

·         Must be at least 8 weeks old

·         Your pet’s carrier counts towards your one carry on piece of luggage

·         Call Delta in advance at 800-221-1212 to arrange bringing your pet on board

·         Animals can also be flown as checked baggage.




·         Can carry on dogs, cats, and birds

·         Advanced reservations is required

·         You are required to make sure all health and pet travel documents are current and compliant with local, state, federal, and international entry requirements and regulations.

·         Pets must be at least 8 weeks old

·         Ventilation must be adequate

·         Maximum dimension for a hard-sided carrier- 17” x 12” x 8”

·         Maximum dimension for a soft-sided carrier- 17” x 10” x 10”

·         Pets can also be check in as baggage

·         $175 one way fee

·         Call 1-800-864-8331 for advanced reservations




·         Dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits are allowed in carry on carriers

·         $125 one way fee

·         Pet carriers is in lieu of carryon bag

·         The maximum dimension for a carrier is 17”L x 12.5”W x 8”H

·         Pets are not permitted in the Business First cabin of Boeing 757, 767 or 777 aircraft due to inadequate storage space under the seat.

·         Customers traveling with an in-cabin pet on a Boeing 757-200 aircraft must be seated by the window.

·         Pets must remain in the carrier the entire time.

·         Advanced arrangements must be made

·         Pets must be at least 8 weeks old

·         Pets are not allowed as checked baggage

·         They are allowed to travel in cargo


Sun Country


·         Small cats and dogs (under 16lbs) are allowed in carry on carriers

·         Pets are not allowed as checked baggage or cargo

·         Advanced arrangements are required

·         $75 one way fee

·         Your pet in its carrier is considered a carry-on item and must be included in your regular carry-on allotment.

·         Only one pet per carrier

·         Maximum dimension of carrier is 16”Lx11”Wx8”H

·         Only soft-sided carriers designed as pet carriers are allowed

·         Must be leak proof and have ventilation on two sides

·         Pet must remain in carrier the entire time

·         Contact Sun Country with any questions- 1-800-359-6786

·         Service Animals are permitted


American Airlines


·         Advanced arrangements is recommended as there is limited space

·         Only dogs and cats are allowed

·         Pets must remain in their carrier at all times

·         The maximum size of the carrier is 23" long x 13" wide x 9" high

·         Must be leak proof and with ventilation on two sides or more

·         A pet carrier counts as your one carry on item

·         Only one carrier per ticketed passenger, but the kennel may contain two (2) dogs or two (2) cats but they must be the same species, ages between 8-weeks and 6-months, and weigh less than 20 lbs.

·         Service animals are always allowed

·         Pets must be at least 8 weeks old

·         Pets are allowed as checked baggage

·         $100 one way fee

·         Health certificate is not needed for pets traveling in the cabin


Midwest Airlines


·         Dogs and cats can be checked in a special pet compartment

·         Advanced reservations are required by calling 800-452-2022.

·         $100 one way fee

·         Soft sided carrier is required

·         Only dogs and cats allowed

·         The maximum size of the carrier is 11" high x 18" long

·         Pet must stay in carrier at all times

·         You must present a veterinarian health certificate that includes current vaccination records and is dated within 10 days of travel





·         Accepts small, domesticated cats, dogs, and birds that will fit in an approved carrier under the seat.

·         The carrier is limited to a maximum dimension of 8.5” high x 17” long x 12” wide.

·         The carrier must be leak proof and ventilated on at least two sides.

·         No weight restrictions on pets

·         Pet must remain in the carrier and under the seat for the duration of the flight

·         Airfare is $69 one way

·         Only 3 pets allowed per flight

·         Service Animals always welcome

·         AirTran Airways reservations desk 1-800-AIR-TRAN (1-800-247-8726)

·         AirTran does not transport pets as checked baggage.


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