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All About Springer Spaniels: Is One Right for You?

All about Springer Spaniels: Is one right for you?

Springer Spaniels are a great breed of dog for just about anyone.  With a nice personality and a strong loyalty to their owners, Springer Spaniels are a favorite of many.  They want to please their owners, and they want to do well. 

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Springer Spaniel works well as a hunting companion, because of its medium size and sturdy body type.  The English springer spaniel is bred mainly for its ability to hunt and retrieve life game. 

According to experts, Springers come from the same litters as cocker spaniels.  They usually weigh between 50 and 55 pounds, according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  Overall, they are great dogs.

However, the breed does have some drawbacks.  They have a rather short lifespan, and they are prone to fits of rage, which tend to set in and worsen with age, according to Wikipedia.  This personality trait is usually associated with rage syndrome, a condition that is quite common among spaniels.  Springer Spaniels come with different colored coats; they can be brown or liver with white or tan patches. 

The cost of a purebred Springer Spaniel can range anywhere from $800 to $2,000, and is out of reach for many, especially considering today’s fragile economy. 

This breed originated in Spain and later became a popular breed in England.  The Spaniel breed, at the time, was divided into two types—water and land spaniels, according to, a website devoted to Springer Spaniel owners.  The breed first emerged in the 1800s.  By 1902, Springer Spaniels were recognized as a breed by the Kennel Club. 

According to experts, Springer Spaniels grow to be roughly 19 to 20 inches in height.  As a general rule, they have flat, broad skulls.  Their jaws are fairly large, which makes it easy for the breed to carry birds and other wild game.   

Every breed of dog has its benefits and drawbacks, and Springer Spaniels are no exception.  One plus to owning a Springer is that Springers generally have a high energy level and require ample room to exercise often.  This makes them great companions for venturing out.  If you use your Springer for hunting, success is easily accomplished, but keeping your dog confined to a single residence may be difficult. 

The Welsh Springer Spaniel has a very distinct body structure.  Its head is very square.  It has other boxy features, such as a rounded top to the skull, experts say.  Welsh Springers, as a general rule, are peppier than their English counterparts.  

Though Springer Spaniels were originally bred for hunting, they are great family dogs; they are laid back, aware, and very responsive to people.  You could say they’re almost human, because of their soft personality.  However, the English Springer has very long legs, and can move very fast.  This can make it hard to keep up with them.  They require a lot of energy on the owner’s part, to keep them happy and well.

They also have a tendency to get into things; they may pick up garments of clothes and bottles to chew. 

With so many dog breeds out there, it can sometimes be hard to find the right one.  If you’re looking for a manageable-sized dog with a nice personality, a Springer Spaniel may fit well in your family. 

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