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Poochie Heaven Articles

Poochieheaven offers a large selection of informative articles to help you take care of your dog and cat. Whether you want to know about orthopedic dog beds for your aging dog or how to make your cat wear that adorable cat tuxedo, we will be able to help.

If you are looking for information on an article not listed, contact us and we will gladly help you.

Dog Supplies

The list of supplies needed for dog care can add up far more than dogs may NEED. Dogs are easily pleased – food, water and shelter. They don’t base their sense of self or happiness on us and yet they enjoy being with us. Although perhaps it’s not needed as dog owners we want to provide our dogs with extras. This can include dog furniture and dog toys. Additionally there are things that can make it easier or better for us in training and caring for our dogs, such as a dog crate or dog treats.

Some of the basics for training and caring for your dog include a good collar and leash. A dog crate can help your dog not only by giving a peaceful den but also in times of emergency allow confinement for safety reasons in a vehicle or when traveling. A dog that is comfortable in familiar surroundings even if just the crate is less stressed.

Dog furniture can give the dog their personal sized imitations of our furniture. Dog beds allow as much as can be a personalized place to be safe and comfortable. Dog toys and dog treats provide a motivation for learning and aid in training your dog from puppyhood.

Dog clothing can be functional, such as a coat or sweater for a warm weather dog traveling in cold weather or a rain coat for walking in the rain. Other types of dog clothing may be costumes or various Tshirt type clothing specially cut and designed for dogs.

Dog treats can be an effective training aid and may be purchased or homemade. Toys are another area some dogs have strong preferences. Some enjoy squeaky toys while others like soft stuffed toys and still others want active toys like ropes and tug toys. The individual dog can let you know what is of interest!

The basic supplies are needed but it is worth going the extra step for comfort and training.

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