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Poochie Heaven Articles

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Containment Option for a New Puppy and House Training

You are getting a new puppy and everyone is excited at home. Dad and mom said they want dog play pen in the yard. You said you prefer a dog x-pen and dog crate set-up in the kitchen. Everybody is excited and you just can’t reconcile what to get for your new puppy.

Ask your folks to sit down, settle the issue and ask yourselves what’s the best containment option for your new puppy? Why do you want a dog x-pen and a dog crate? And why a dog play pen in the yard? What’s the difference?

Let’s answer those questions one by one. Why do you need a dog crate?

According to staff at the humane society a new pup should be house trained to avoid accidents inside the house ruining your carpet and furniture. An effective way of house training a new puppy is by using a crate or through crate training. That’s the answer! You need to get a dog crate to house train your puppy something that’s large enough where he can stand and move.

House Training Using A Crate:

Introduce your pup to his crate and ask him to enter, when he does praise your puppy, give a chew toy, and wait a few minutes before closing the crate. Let the puppy stay inside for one or two hours then take the puppy outside to urinate. Praise your puppy if he does if not put him back to the crate, wait for about 15 minutes then take him out again until he does. Always praise your puppy when he accomplishes his objective.

A two-month puppy can only hold his bladder for an hour or two so if he has an accident don’t yell at him or rub his nose on the mess…that’s cruel and it will only devastate your pup.

Make this a routine, put your puppy inside the dog crate, give him food and water every meal, take the bowls out when he is done eating and give a chew toy. Take him out to eliminate after 1-2 hours, eventually he will become familiarize with his schedule and he will no longer have accidents. Also remember that you can only put your dog inside a crate for no more than 5 hours.

You want a dog x-pen right? You probably got the idea from friends who set up their dog crate and dog x-pen in the kitchen where there is enough space and your floor is either wood or tile which is easier to clean when your puppy has an accident. But if you have an x-pen you can plastic train your puppy especially when all of you are out of the house most part of the day.

You can set-up the x-pen in the kitchen for him to walk around and exercise and put the crate inside it. The crate should be open and the x-pen’s door must remain closed. The crate will serve as your dog’s bedroom or hideaway to take his nap. If he wakes up, he can go out, walk around and exercise. Don’t forget to lay down a large plastic (black garbage bag) next to the x-pen door for him to go there and eliminate, especially if you are not available to take your pup out. A dog x-pen is helpful for your puppy to exercise when you’re not around to take him for a walk. Your pup will also be happier to be able to freely get out of the crate anytime he wants. 

On the other hand, a dog play pen outside at your backyard is also ideal for your puppy to play around and be more active if he gets older like 6 months up when he is no longer fragile and sensitive. Some pups learn to climb the dog play pen easily, sneak out and run around the neighborhood.  Make sure to keep an eye on your pet while in the play pen or you might as well choose a play pen with a top cover for safety.

Every containment option has its’ use and purpose depending on the needs of your puppy and your situation at home. A dog crate is obviously necessary to start the house training. A dog x-pen is useful when you’re not always around during the day to take your puppy for a walk, exercise, and to eliminate. A dog play pen is good for your puppy when he gets older and be outside during the day, enjoy the sun and fresh air, have more room to play and exercise.


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