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Poochie Heaven Articles

Poochieheaven offers a large selection of informative articles to help you take care of your dog and cat. Whether you want to know about orthopedic dog beds for your aging dog or how to make your cat wear that adorable cat tuxedo, we will be able to help.

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American Pit Bull Terrier (American Staffordshire Terrier)

Breed Name: American Pit Bull Terrier (American Staffordshire Terrier)

Country of Origin: England


Between 18 and 24 inches


Between 35 and 60 lbs


Quite contrary to their reputation the American Pit Bull Terrier is a very gentle and friendly dog. They can be aggressive towards other animals because of their breeding as fighting dogs but are generally very friendly towards humans.


The pit bulls can be any color,

Other information:

The American Pit Bull Terrier also known as the American Staffordshire Terrier is a cross between a Bull dog and a Terrier. This has resulted in a medium sized but physically powerful dog that has the strength of a Bulldog and the tenacity of a Terrier. The American versions are slightly bigger than their English counterparts and have been given the “American” tag to their name to differentiate them. They are classified as different breeds in most Kennel Clubs.

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