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Poochie Heaven Articles

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Australian Cattle Dogs

Breed Name: Australian Cattle Dog.

Country of Origin: Australia


The average height of the dogs are between 18 and 20 inches and the females are between 17 and 19 inches.


Australian Cattle Dogs are between 45 and 65 lbs on average.


These dogs are very active and have a very strong herding instinct. They are known to nip at people’s heels if they are not used as working dogs and need proper training when young. They are also known to form very strong bonds with their human companions and will remain by their side. Although not aggressive they are very protective of their owners and their property and have been know to bite strangers who were not properly introduced.


There are only two colours that these dogs come in, red and blue, although you occasionally get black, white or tan markings. Apart from these markings these dogs are almost always white when they are born. The blue and red colours come because they get black or red hair as they grow older that is interspersed densely in their coat giving them the blue or reddish coloration.

Other information:

The Australian Cattle dog was developed in Australia because they had a unique problem; that of transporting cattle thousands of miles to the market. Almost all sheepdogs had been tried but found wanting because they just did not have the required stamina to work days on end from morning to night in transporting cattle. Early Australian cattle baron George Hall imported various sheepdogs from his native country and crossed them with the native Dingoes to get a good stock worker that also had amazing levels of endurance and was specifically suited to the Australian climate. How exactly this was done was not known as the dogs were not gifted or sold to anyone outside the ranch. It was only after the owner’s death that the dogs, called Halls Heelers due to their characteristic nipping at cattle’s heels to herd them, was distributed to other areas and bred. They were so important to the Australian cattlemen that their name was subsequently changed to the Australian Cattle dog as they were invaluable in rooting out stubborn cattle especially from thick brush where people could not work.

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