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Birthday Clothes and Cake Toys for Dogs

Give your dog the chance to have loads of attention during their birthday. These clothes will show everyone that it is their day to celebrate!

We have everything from birthday boy shirts to cupcake shaped dog toys. These items are bound to make your pup's day special. The birthday clothes for dogs are available in many sizes- from a small 1 lb. puppy to a large 130 lb. Great Dane. All dogs will be able to celebrate.

Free Shipping on all contiguous United States orders.

When you need birthday dog gifts there are great edible birthday dog cards. They are special birthday cards made out of rawhide, boasting a top motif. Other birthday dog gifts include handmade dog cakes which include wholesome ingredients for any dog diet. These can be ordered online and sent the next day. Other dog birthday gifts include dog biscuit mixes. These mixes allow you to bake your dog treats at home with digestive and plain dog biscuit kits. With the kits are reusable biscuit cutters in the shape of bones. You can make upwards of fifty dog biscuits for the occasion using health ingredients. Another of the many dog birthday gifts you can purchase includes a dog birthday cake mix which includes liver and carrot. All you have to do is mix in liquid of your dog’s choice and an egg and let it bake for 45 minutes. After this you can decorate the cake as desired and serve the delicious treat. The other options for birthday dog gifts include dog biscuit cutter sets which allow you as the dog owner and pet lover to cut out the many shapes that you want for your dog including fire hydrants, bones, and paw prints. These are perfectly suited for birthday parties for doggies where neighbor pets will be present.

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