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Weekly Top Three 5.19.17

Posted by Briana Graber on

A clever idea I ran across this week is a water bottle that doubles as a pet dish.  The Gulpy Jr Water Dispenser has a lid that lines up with the bottles side and has a convenient belt clip for when you're not using it, but when Spot needs a drink the lid flips down into a dish for your furry friend to lap out of.  It has a modified cap that acts like an automatic water dispenser, so you won't have to use the whole water bottle just to let them have a few sips.  Clever idea, especially if you frequently go for runs or hikes with your pet.

Gulpy Jr. Water Dispenser for Pet, 10-Ounce(Colors may vary)

I know it's a month and a half away yet, but I love fireworks and so I've always been a 4th of July fan.  This collar almost looks like a patriotic firework between the  chiffon ribbons and the matching stars each ribbon is tipped with.  The collar band is elastic and it comes in a variety of sizes, so it's comfortable for your pet and easy to find the right fit.  It's especially perfect for a puppy who happens to be marching in a parade that day or for any family pictures you might plan on having to show off the big family grill-out.

Holiday Party Collar - L Patriotic Stars

It's always nice seeing pleasant ways to keep the memory of a pet alive.  Pearhead's Collar Keepsake Frame is just the right amount of memory for me.  I've seen some beautiful and touching urns, but there's something in the sheer simplicity of a happy picture with your pet and their favorite collar that is deeply appealing to me.  It's also a very touching gift to give to a grieving pet owner.  We often end up holding onto beloved pet collars anyway, this just provides a way to display in a graceful way.

Be back next week with another selection of the funniest, the most touching, or the most interesting items I see.

Finding the Right Pet: Cat Edition

The sound of purring as you stroke your kitty's's one of the most comforting sounds in the world and it's all to easy to be tempted to take a 'cat nap' when they crawl into your arms and fall asleep there themselves.  Rubbing against your leg affectionately as you make dinner or are walking [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 5.12.17

This week I went back to Earth Animal, and their "Brushed on Benefits" treat line.  This time it was the soothe treat that caught my attention, but in general I still just like the concept of this treat.  It goes the extra mile to make sure you're giving the absolute best to your pet.  In the [...]

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Finding the Right Pet: Dog Edition

Most of us classify ourselves as 'cat' people or 'dog' people, and there's a good reason for that.  Cats and dogs have distinct personalities that are very lovable.  They're affectionate, loving, and provide us with a source of companionship that we just can't imitate in human interaction.  But they are a big responsibility.  Even if [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 5.5.17

Reflective leashes are extremely important, especially if you're going to be taking your dog for walks in the evening.  Unfortunately I am not a fan of neon yellow or orange.  Granted, safety comes first but if I have a different color choice, I'm going for it.  This Midlee leash has a silvery gray reflective ribbon sewn [...]

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Finding the Right Pet: Rabbit Edition

Every animal lover has that one pet that just suits them best.  For some, it's the classic cat or dog.  But there's more than two kinds of pet animals in the world and more than two kinds of animal lovers.  Outside of the classic due you have hamsters and ferrets and birds and fish and [...]

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Traveling with Pets

Travelling with pets can be a hassle, and some cities can be better than others for traveling with pets.  There's hotels and dog parks and access to emergency vets that you all have to consider.  And sometimes you need to worry about flying, too.  None of that is particularly fun, but traveling itself is, and [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 4.28.2017

Saw some Puppy Bumpers this week.  Adorable, cute, and a great idea for keeping the little ones safe.  The whole idea behind the product is specifically for those who own pups in apartments with balconies.  You want to let them outside for the fresh air, but you don't want them to slip through the bars and [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three from 4.21.17

Ever thought to combine art, fish, and pet toys?  No? Don't worry, I didn't either.  Which is why it stuck out when I was working with it last week. This is a catnip toy from Yeowww! (still one of the most humorous company names I've heard to date) that's a pollock designed to resemble a Pollock. [...]

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Cats, Grass, and Cat Grass - Why?

If you've ever noticed your cat or another cat munching on grass you might ask yourself why.  Why do cats eat grass?  They're obligate carnivores, and cannot survive a meatless diet, so why do they get the munchies for grass?  The fun answer is: no one really knows.  There's a few theories going around, but [...]

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