Traveling with Your Puppy

One of the newest innovations in puppy travel is puppy purses. It helps new puppy owners be able to take their little cutie with them to introduce them to their new life in and out of the home. A puppy purse is part harness, part pet carrier with the best qualities of both. In a situation when the puppy needs to be held or restrained, the purse has a handle to hold or restrain him. If the puppy is in a safe area to walk, the purse converts into a classy harness and leash.

The many varieties allow you to suit even the most finicky puppy. Dog carrier and leash training are very important to the relationship between the owner and pet, especially in urban areas where travel is plentiful and safe places to walk are limited. This product allows your puppy to get accustomed to wearing a harness and obeying the rules of travel.

Puppy purses are available in many sizes, with a convenient sizing chart, and adjustable to allow the puppy the longest amount of wear. There is a vast array of materials to dazzle or be demur or simply be durable. Many colors are available, and with flexible straps the puppy purse is a great way to travel.

These products are designed with special breeds, moods, and habits in mind to be the most comfortable possible type. These can be a permanent item of apparel for many small breed dogs that do not get larger than their puppy package size. And who needs just one? Summer, spring, winter or fall your puppy can turn everyone’s heads no matter how small.

Even Rachel Ray has advertised for this item by showcasing it on her cooking show. Puppies everywhere agree traveling with their owner is much preferred to staying home alone. So load up your puppy purse and let’s get walking.

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