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If you want to train your dog by yourself and develop his capabilities, read these short and very useful advices. We bring you 10 short and simple tips on how you can train your dog. Be patient with your dog … Continue reading

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If you have a dog,  for sure you know he loves to eat, which are his favorite toys, or what is he afraid from. But dogs sometimes do strangest things, like for example burying their food, or eating grass. Find … Continue reading

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Dog Clothes

Perhaps when the idea of dogs wearing clothes started out it was simply a novelty. However, animal clothing can be quite helpful as well as making a fashion statement for the pet and their owners. Especially during the winters of … Continue reading

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Dog Tuxedos – Wedding Wear

Weddings happen all year long but for some reason seem to be more popular in the spring and early summer when the first spring blooms renew the world after a cold winter as a symbol of new love being joined … Continue reading

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