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Bri's Weekly Top Three 7.7.17

Microfiber is great.  I have a blanket made of the stuff that's just the most comfortable thing in the world, my bathmat is made of it, and it's ridiculously soft on my feet with the added benefit of making sure I don't drip all over the floor, which would surely lead to a terrible accident. [...]

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Summer, Dogs, and Allergies

Want to scratch your nose?  Do your hands tingle?  Is there an itch you can't scratch?  Sneezing?  You might have allergies.  Same thing happening to your dog?  They might too.  Heck, they might even have some of the same allergies as you.  It's summer and therefore allergy season is well underway, so if your pet seems [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 6.30.17

Is it next week already?  I could've missed it, it flew by so fast.  Guess that's what happens when you're busy making plans for the upcoming holiday.  Anyway, onto the products I found interesting this week.  First off, there's a leash from Freedom Harness, for the Freedom Harness (go figure, right?).  I don't know if you [...]

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4th of July and Your Pet

Surprising fact: July 5th is the busiest day for animal shelters due to owners trying to reclaim their lost dogs.  Okay, perhaps not so surprising if you're a dog owner.  Particularly if your dog is afraid of thunder or fireworks as so many are.  Dogs don't know it's the 4th of July and that fireworks are [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 6.23.17

Who doesn't love a dapper day?  I certainly do.  Almost any occasion to dress up is enough for me, and if it's something they're wearing anyway-why not dress up your pet?  Midlee has an adorable formal houndstooth dog harness.  Folded down collar with a red bow tie?  Against the houndstooth pattern it looks like your pet [...]

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The Many Meanings of Meow

All of us are familiar with a cat's meow.  It's on kids toys that distinguish the types of animal sounds, we've heard it from our own cats, cats at a friend's house, or even on internet cat videos.  But fun fact: cat's only really meow at humans, not at each other.  Meows are the cat's [...]

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No More Hot Dogs

As the weather's heated up with summer well underway, it's important to remember that just because our pets are better suited to the heat than us, they aren't immune from it's effects. The most well-known danger is leaving pets in vehicles on warm sunny days. Short-snout breeds in particular suffer when left in [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 6.16.17

And first up to bat is an adorable little baseball cap for your pup as they enjoy a sunny day at a ballgame or play fetch with them while keeping the sun out of their eyes.  The striped pattern on the front panel and bill of the hat is a brilliant touch of pattern and [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 6.9.17

I was a bit surprised to see apricot and kiwi flavored dog treats this week.  It's something expected more of a fruit snacks pack, but after digging into it a bit more there are actually a lot of health benefits that can be had from this coconut based treat.  Coconut alone can "increase energy levels, improve [...]

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The Real Differences Between Dogs and Wolves

We know we've influenced the behavior of dogs since their domestication.  After all, that's part of the process of domestication, we select the behaviors we like and discourage the behaviors we don't, selecting the most agreeable dogs to breed.  But a surprising amount of behaviors that we generally link to human influence actually trace back [...]

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