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Traveling with Pets

Travelling with pets can be a hassle, and some cities can be better than others for traveling with pets.  There's hotels and dog parks and access to emergency vets that you all have to consider.  And sometimes you need to worry about flying, too.  None of that is particularly fun, but traveling itself is, and [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 4.28.2017

Saw some Puppy Bumpers this week.  Adorable, cute, and a great idea for keeping the little ones safe.  The whole idea behind the product is specifically for those who own pups in apartments with balconies.  You want to let them outside for the fresh air, but you don't want them to slip through the bars and [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three from 4.21.17

Ever thought to combine art, fish, and pet toys?  No? Don't worry, I didn't either.  Which is why it stuck out when I was working with it last week. This is a catnip toy from Yeowww! (still one of the most humorous company names I've heard to date) that's a pollock designed to resemble a Pollock. [...]

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Cats, Grass, and Cat Grass - Why?

If you've ever noticed your cat or another cat munching on grass you might ask yourself why.  Why do cats eat grass?  They're obligate carnivores, and cannot survive a meatless diet, so why do they get the munchies for grass?  The fun answer is: no one really knows.  There's a few theories going around, but [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 4.14.17

I love it when practical things can go with the decor.  You can't get around the fact that if you have a pet, you need an eating and drinking bowl.  But when I lived in my previous apartment my roommate had a cat.  Their dishes were cute, but the cat would keep pulling them out [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three from 4.7.17

Pet stains are the worst.  Most of the time its an accident, or you didn't realize they needed to be let out that badly, but cleaning pet urine out of carpet and clothes always leaves a stain and sometimes an odor.  It's not pleasant or fun, and then all you can think about is how [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 3.31.2017

I'm back this week with exactly one more Easter item and then some random ones to follow in order to break the pattern.  It's April tomorrow, so if you haven't thought about Easter yet, now would be the time.We're starting off with an Easter basket full of all sorts of goodies for a dog.  I mean, [...]

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A Brief History on Life with Cats

It's suspected that cats were first domesticated around 12,000 years ago, right as the first agricultural societies began to take hold in the Middle East.  They were domesticated after dogs, since dogs were needed for their hunting abilities, and cats were needed to keep pests out of food stores once agriculture took its place as the root [...]

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Obligate Carnivores and their Needs

According to Britannica, obligate carnivores "cannot obtain all the nutrients that they need from the plant kingdom and bacteria.  In particular, obligate carnivores lack the enzyme needed to split carotene obtained from plants, into vitamin A."  They are animals who's digestive system can't handle digesting only plants for nutrients.  Cats are one of the prime examples, [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 3.24.2017

Pumpkin and blueberry together at last, wobbly fetch toys, and chew-able opossums.  It's been a week of a lot of different products, and, as usual, I'm here to talk about my favorites.  There's a couple brands I haven't discussed before, and KONG is making a reappearance for the third week in a row.  We'll kick [...]

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