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Pudgy Pets are a Problem

Not unto themselves, of course.  Our furry friends are pretty good at loving us unconditionally.  However, obesity and excess weight on pets can lead to a lot of health issues, shorten their life span, and lower their quality of life while they are with us.As much fun and joy it brings to us to spoil [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 1.6.17

This week we are all fortunate enough to have products that don't follow a single theme, since I've worked with several across several fields in the past couple weeks.  This week there's little something for everyone.  Or maybe a lot of things for someone, depending on your preferences.Since Valentines day doesn't fall that far from [...]

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The Mysterious Martingale

Okay, okay, its not all that mysterious, but I couldn't pass up title fodder like that.I did, however, just learn the official name for it today.  I'd heard of harnesses, slip leads, and choke collars, but somehow the term 'Martingale collar' has slipped through the gaps in my learning.  It's a simple enough concept, and [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 12.22.16

Just before the holiday weekend here I have a few more things for you.  Unless they carry them in your local pet store, though, I wouldn't expect any of them to arrive in time for stocking stuffers.  Thankfully its not all treats this week, I figured everyone would be getting their share over the next [...]

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Bundle Up Pets, Too

Humans aren't the only ones who get cold in the winter, even under all that fur, our furry friends can get quite cold, resulting in many of the same problems humans can get from exposure to cold-including hypothermia.  There's several things you can do to help keep your pet cozy with the weather change.  The first [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 12.16.16

Another week closer to the holidays, and our pets deserve a treat for always being in the holiday spirit.  At least, that's how it feels when I've been working with treats all week.  There's been some really nifty ones, and it might be worth springing a little bit of extra cash to reward your furry [...]

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Did we really need proof?

Helen Brooks recently led a mental health study that interviewed people struggling with long-term mental illnesses.  The researcher from the University of Manchester (in the UK) came to the conclusion that those who struggle with mental illness are able to manage the symptoms better when they have a pet.  Most of us think that our pets [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 12.9.16

Alright, so, surprisingly with the Christmas season so near, I actually worked with a fairly large variety of non-Christmas related products this week, and it looks like the pattern is going to keep up, so yay!  Though next week might be a little heavy on the treat end of things.I'm a big fan of dog [...]

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Hilarious DIY Christmas Gift for Your Dog

It's always good to add a little humor and something cute to the holidays, and gifts for your pet are a perfect opportunity.  There's always plenty to go around for little holiday treats-Santa's Coal bubble gum, lollipops shaped like Santa's beard, or, getting into DIY things, decorating mini-m&ms bottles to look like reindeer.  This one's [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 12.2.16

So I didn't work exclusively with Christmas and holiday themed products this past week, so there'll be a bit of a breather.  But there were some really great items regardless, and a wider variety than usual.  It's getting cold and some pups need a little bit of extra warmth-or just have a great sense of [...]

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