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Bri's Weekly Top Three 10.14.16

So bear with me, I worked almost exclusively with costumes this week, so two out of my three top items are costumes.  Plus, Halloween's still coming up, and I do love the season.  And I suppose you could argue that only one of the three is actually a costume...I'll start with that one.One of the [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 10.7.16

<p>Halloween's coming up, which is one of my favorite holidays (warning: I'll probably say that about every holiday, I love all of 'em).  It's been fun watching all the pet Halloween costumes coming through and after handling most of them, a couple of them I found extra adorable and have to mention here.</p><p>One was an [...]

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Sizing Your Dog: Easier Than You Think

<p>Ever wonder how on earth those sizes work?  What does small, medium, or large even mean for a dog, anyway?  Most places thankfully give you a measurement of some sort, but that can be confusing too.  How are you supposed to take a 'back length' or 'neck' measurement?</p><p>Well, its actually pretty easy.  It's more just [...]

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Brilliant Shelter Strategy: Using Technology and Pet Withdrawl

<p>The worst sacrifice of college is the loss of pets. You can’t have pets because either the dorms won’t allow it, or you can’t afford an apartment that’ll allow it, or you can’t afford to have a pet regardless of whether or not your landlord allows them. It’s hard. When you get [...]

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Happy Howl-oween from Poochieheaven!

It's time to start picking out which costume your dog should wear this Halloween. Here at Poochieheaven we have a wide variety of costumes for all personalities. Some popular choices include: Fuzzy Tarantula Dog Costume, Hot Dog Costume, and Little Stinker Skunk Dog Costume.Is your dog too difficult to put a full costume on? Try a decorative collar!Use the [...]

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Product Review: French-Inspired Small Dog Clothes

One of the unspoken tragedies of running your own company is that just when you finally have a boss who won't yell at you if you take a little vacation time, that's when you realize that you don't actually have time to go flying off to Paris at a moment's notice because you're too busyrunning [...]

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Product Review: Dog Raincoat and Handbag

Merry, for the three of you out there who don't know this yet, is a diva. And a princess. And loves pink more than anything else on the planet. (As evidenced by the nearly solid wall of pink in her closet.) Mind you, her Mom is distressingly princess-like as well, so perhaps she comes by [...]

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Product Review: Dog in the Closet Denim Dog Coat & Dress

Ah, fashion. What slaves it makes of us all. The keeping up with trends. The layering of styles. The collections of items to fit every need: dressy, dressy casual, business, first date, picnic in the park, dinner and a movie, laundry day, New Year's Eve party and everything else in between.It's exhausting, I tell you. [...]

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Product Review: Custom Pet Bed

There are truly a stunning number of dog beds available for purchase these days (there are also a stunning number of dog beds for the princess pug to sleep on around her home and our offices, but that's another story).The problem with all this choice: it's still prefabricated. Sometime, somewhere along the line a designer [...]

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Product Review: Wool Felt Pet Toys

Of all the products we review, I think one of the most fun for me are the toys. So cute! So imaginative! When I first started this business in 2002, I had no idea that eight years later there would be such a wide variety of adorable toys on the market - in those days, [...]

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