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Bri's Weekly Top Three 3.24.2017

Posted by Briana Graber on

Pumpkin and blueberry together at last, wobbly fetch toys, and chew-able opossums.  It's been a week of a lot of different products, and, as usual, I'm here to talk about my favorites.  There's a couple brands I haven't discussed before, and KONG is making a reappearance for the third week in a row.  We'll kick it off with the new brands this week.

First, there's a goDog Flatz opossum toy.  GoDog is under the Worldwise brand, which was founded in 1990 and is dedicated to maintaining a balance between affordability and quality that also consideres the matter of sustainability.  GoDog specifically deals with their patented Chew Guard Technologyâ„¢ that adds a special lining under the plush of a pet to make it more durable.  In fact, the opossum toy, like most of their other toys, comes with a durability guarantee.  The Flatz line is stuffingless plush toys, and this one chooses just the right fabrics to get a realistic but adorable version of the opossum.  It's plush ears nose and tail are just the right touches too.

Second, there's treats from the K9 Granola Factory.  K9 Granola Factor is a family business that's expanded from its origin baking granola dog treats into the night until the perfect flavors were created.  The treats are delicious, healthy, and most provide health boosts for your pet, in addition to being low calorie.  This is their All-Natural Blueberry treats.  Those antioxidants we consider so great for us in humans also has some pretty nice health benefits for dogs too, in this case.

Last, there's the KONG Wubba toy.  Unlike the last couple weeks, this isn't so much a product that surprised me, but rather one that just stands out.  Last year I put one of the Wubba Ballistic Friends toys in my list-they're the same concept but with animal faces.  The Wubba is a simple concept: two balls stacked on top of on other, one squeaky ball and one tennis ball.  It's all bound in durable nylon and has a long tail to make it easy to fetch and tug with.  The advantage to the Wubba toy is that there's not as many pieces for your pet to chew off, and also that because of it's weird shape the bounce pattern is erratic, so it's more fun for your pet to chase.

I'll be back with some new products next week!