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Bri's Weekly Top Three 3.31.2017

Posted by Briana Graber on

I'm back this week with exactly one more Easter item and then some random ones to follow in order to break the pattern.  It's April tomorrow, so if you haven't thought about Easter yet, now would be the time.

We're starting off with an Easter basket full of all sorts of goodies for a dog.  I mean, hey, why should they be left out of the Easter fun?  I loved hunting for my Easter basket as a kid, and suspect as animals we literally domesticated to hunt alongside us (and then for companionship in the following millennia) that dogs would enjoy doing the same.  This basket comes with a stuffed corduroy rabbit, a plush squeaky Easter egg, and a carrot rope toy.  Then there's some treats that will lead your dog right to the basket.  As a bonus, it comes with a 'Hoppy Easter' (Oh how I love a pun) bandanna that decorates the basket and is an adorable photo-op once the basket has been found.

Next up is some bandaging tape from 3M (Minnesota pride is a go!), called Vetrap.  It adheres only to itself, and is a lightweight, non-absorbant, cool and comfortable way to provide support without cutting off circulation.  It adheres to itself so efficiently that no clips or fasteners are needed.  Science is cool that way.  It's a handy thing to have on hand, and I'm just fascinated by the technology behind it.

Last up is some treats, because I don't know how to go a week without them (the human snack-y variety, I do not consume dog treats, though many of them are made with human-grade ingredients).  Pretty sure dogs like treats on almost a regular basis as myself.  Thankfully we have the option of giving them treats that are both delicious and good for them.  Isle of Dogs makes treats that are made entirely out of organic fruits and vegetables with nothing artificial in them.  The treats are gluten-free, which is good for dogs' tummies which aren't designed to process grains.  The Health variety of their treats uses blueberries and apples.  These two ingredients make a tasty snack that is antioxidant rich and supports overall health - always a good thing.

That's all for this week, there shouldn't be any more Easter items, but I make no promises (I've seen how silly that can be too many times in my life).  See you next week!