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Bri's Weekly Top Three 6.16.17

Posted by Briana Graber on

And first up to bat is an adorable little baseball cap for your pup as they enjoy a sunny day at a ballgame or play fetch with them while keeping the sun out of their eyes.  The striped pattern on the front panel and bill of the hat is a brilliant touch of pattern and color to the soft mesh sides that'll keep your pet cool and able to feel the breeze.  There's also ear holes so the hat isn't uncomfortable to wear.  I think they'd also be a great addition to photos, particularly if you have kids that are into baseball at all, or you yourself enjoy the sport.  Take your pet out to the ballgame, play some fetch in the crowd, buy them some treats and other snacks, to reward the friend who has your back.  And other silly parodies.

Since that was a homerun, next up to the plate is some high calorie nutritional gel.  Normally you don't think "high calorie" and "nutrition" in the same sentence, but hear me out.  It's a supplement designed for either pets who are off food by doctor's orders or the really active working dogs.  If your pet is out helping you hunt, they are burning a lot of energy and a quick snack like this can keep 'em going and still give them the nutrients they need, not just empty calories.  Also good for pets who stick their nose up at most food or won't eat much.

Last item for today is traction control socks for dogs.  This one was more interesting than anything else, and I think the idea of a dog running around a house in socks is both hilarious and cute.  Since these are traction control socks, though, at least they won't be slipping and sliding about, which wold be unsafe.  Little-heart shapes on the pad of the food prevent slipping.  The knit fabric is claw-proof and these both prevent your pets from sliding around on hardwood or tile floors, and also prevent their claws from marking it up.  It's a win-win for everyone, which is always gets a vote in my book.

Have a great week!