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Bri's Weekly Top Three 6.30.17

Posted by Briana Graber on

Is it next week already?  I could've missed it, it flew by so fast.  Guess that's what happens when you're busy making plans for the upcoming holiday.  Anyway, onto the products I found interesting this week.  First off, there's a leash from Freedom Harness, for the Freedom Harness (go figure, right?).  I don't know if you know their schtick, but the Harness itself is a pretty nifty product.  It's specially designed so that any strain on your dog is eliminated while also not risking a chance for escape.  It would've really helped with our bolt-prone husky when we had her if we'd known about it.  It's a great premise, but one of the nice things about the harness is it has two leash attachment areas to reduce pulling, but that also means it needs a special leash to go along with it.  That's where the previously leash comes in.  it has a sliding silver handle and a black leash with the two clips designed to go with this harness.  It's durable, quality, and good for any dog who has a habit of bolting or pulling during walks and runs.

Next up is an accessory that's perfect for any pampered princess pup.  It's the tiniest little glitter crown on a barrette you can clip into their fur.  It's just so adorable and I love it.  Especially the ring of pearl beads at the base and the central rhinestone.  It just screams princess.  Plus the crown is actually a standing crown, so clipped in right it looks like your pet is just wearing the smallest crown ever.

Last up is a designer leather dog carrier.  It looks like a purse, it's real leather and brass hardware, and it's gorgeous.  It looks sleek and classy and all kinds of fashionable.  There's ventilation for your pet, the two pockets can be used for pet products like treats and a leash, and even leave the other pocket for yourself so it is functionally a purse...just one that you happen to be able to use to safely carry your pet around.  I'm a fan of leather goods, and this one's a beauty.

Have a great weekend and enjoy this upcoming 4th of July!