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Bri's Weekly Top Three 8.18.17

Posted by Briana Graber on

Autumn is just around the corner, and it's my favorite season of the year.  This ruffle dress made me so happy with the fall color scheme, and the orange flower just pops from the top of the skirt where it's nestled in the crinoline.  The perfect pick for a day out in the apple orchard or the pumpkin patch.

ProDenmight just be one of the most highly recommended dental products for dogs I've ever seen.  It's completely natural and sustainably harvested from Scandanavian seaweed which weakens plaque over time so that as you brush your pet's teeth, the plaque breaks off easily, leaving your canine's canines pearly white.  it also helps with gum health and fresh breath, so extra bonuses.

Keeping enough water for your pets on a hike or a hot day is a challenge, especially if you have a breed that likes to push themselves just a little more than they probably should or that splashes half the water to the ground.  This nifty water bottle solves a lot of the waste and carrying issues in the form of a water bottle.  A dish is attached to the top of a bottle that you squeeze to fill up, hold while your pet drinks, and let go so the excess goes back in the bottle and you don't waste a drop.  Always a plus, it's made in the USA, and it can be clipped to your belt easily with a carabiner. 

Have a good weekend!