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Summer, Dogs, and Allergies

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Light Golden Retriever Sitting on Green Grass during Daytime

Want to scratch your nose?  Do your hands tingle?  Is there an itch you can't scratch?  Sneezing?  You might have allergies.  Same thing happening to your dog?  They might too.  Heck, they might even have some of the same allergies as you.  It's summer and therefore allergy season is well underway, so if your pet seems to have an unusually large need to scratch or bite at their paws, it might be a good idea to get them checked out as soon as possible by your veterinarian.

Most allergies are mild and can be easily managed, but no allergy can be managed if it's unknown.  And some are severe enough to require medication, which your vet can prescribe.  One of the more common allergies is a grass allergy.  Just like us, some of our furry friends get a little hypersensitive after we mow the lawn or romp about at the park.  Because grass is under foot, one of the common symptoms for this allergy is pets gnawing at their paws, sometimes to the point of injury.  To help avoid this you can use paw wipes on your pet whenever they come inside.  And other mild allergies have equally simple little things you can do to ease your furry friend's discomfort.

Flat-faced breeds such as French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Pugs are particularly prone to allergies, and it's surprisingly common in labs as well.  Pay attention to your pet's behavior this summer and get them checked for allergies if they exhibit any of the itchy scratchy symptoms more than usual.  Who knows?  There might even pernicious parasite as the root cause.  Better to be safe than sorry with man's best friend.

Have a great and (hopefully) allergy-mild summer!