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Finding the Right Pet: Rabbit Edition

Posted by Briana Graber on

Girl Holding White Rabbit during Daytime

Every animal lover has that one pet that just suits them best.  For some, it's the classic cat or dog.  But there's more than two kinds of pet animals in the world and more than two kinds of animal lovers.  Outside of the classic due you have hamsters and ferrets and birds and fish and rats and turtles.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.  But the pet we're looking at today is the rabbit.  Cute, fluffy, and with little cotton tails they seem adorable and ideal.  And they are...for the right person.

That cuteness is as rewarding as it is deceiving.  Rabbits are work.  They need much more space than you'd think and rabbits are designed to run.  How long do you see a rabbit sitting still in the wild.  It's not very often.  Rabbits need about 30 hours a week out of the cage.  And they are curious critters who need to be entertained.  The house, apartment, or at least room will need to be rabbit-proofed (electrocution can be a serious issue for the unsupervised nibbler) and they need plenty of toys such as a cardboard castle (a bunch of cardboard products they are free to chew on) so that they'll hopefully stay away from that molding you just put in.

In addition, rabbits need to be spayed or neutered.  That is, if you don't want your rabbit to spray urine up your walls or have an extremely high chance of contracting uterine cancer.  While annual check-ups aren't technically required for rabbits in the US, they are highly recommended for your pet's best health and the costs can vary widely depending on individual pet needs.

None of this is to say that rabbits are a bad pet choice, of course.  They aren't!  Like any other pet they come with their ups and downs.  They're relatively easy and inexpensive to adopt, each has a distinct personality, they're smart, and they bond closely with their owners.  Rabbits might not enjoy being picked up, but they love being stroked.

It's up to the individual and their preferences.  If you aren't up doing daily maintenance on a pet's living quarters and love to pick up and snuggle your pet, maybe a rabbit isn't right for you.  If you want a relatively quiet companion with a quirky personality, go ahead and look into a rabbit as a pet.  It's all about what pet fits you best.

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