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Bri's Weekly Top Three from 4.7.17

Posted by Briana Graber on

Pet stains are the worst.  Most of the time its an accident, or you didn't realize they needed to be let out that badly, but cleaning pet urine out of carpet and clothes always leaves a stain and sometimes an odor.  It's not pleasant or fun, and then all you can think about is how you lost a shirt or that you need to replace the carpet.  This week I worked with Shout for pets.  It's designed to target organics, and gets deep into the carpet to give you better luck with those tough stains.  Who doesn't want a chance to save their carpet?

I've been a fan of Burt's Bees ever since I tried their lip balm.  It works wonders, and you can get it in tints so you don't have to skip the lipstick just because your lips are chapped.  They've been so successful with their chapstick line that they've been able to expand their products.  Now they make shampoo and conditioner, even for pets!  This one's sold in a bundle geared at hypoallergenic pets or pets with sensitive skin.  Both include honey (that's where the 'bees' part comes in), which is great for skin while being gentle.  The shampoo uses shea butter and the conditioner colloidal oat flour for their unique benefits as well.  A natural shampoo from a company I associate with quality.

What dog doesn't love a wild rabbit chase.  Or human for that matter, Bugs Bunny was popular for a reason after all.  This is the wildlife rabbit toy with chew guard technology from goDog.  Adorable, available in two sizes, and with a guaranteed claim on durability?  I'd give this toy a shot.  Like most plush dog toys, it comes with a nice loud squeaker that dogs love.  The cute little eyes are embroidered so they won't become a choking hazard, and all around its just a solid, cute toy.