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Bri's Weekly Top Three 5.25.17

Posted by Briana Graber on

I'm a bird person, so one of the first things I noticed this week was the snuggle hut from Prevue Pet.  Birds are flock animals and parrots will often snuggle each other in the night.  A great alternative for the solitary domesticated parrot is a snuggle hut.  The plush interior will keep them feeling secure and cozy as they sleep or just want to feel like they're getting the bird-version of a hug.  The medium sized hut is great for, you guessed it, medium sized birds such as conures or cockatiels.

I was also amused by the puppy scoops ice cream mix.  Who doesn't love ice cream?  Most all of us do unless we can't have it for one reason or another (and even then we love it so much that many companies have worked to make intolerance/allergy avoiding versions).  But as much as we love it, we know it's not usually the best idea to let our dogs take more than a lick off our cone.  This is a really neat idea that makes an ice cream mix that caters specifically to dogs, some flavors more recognizably 'for dogs' than others, such as carob over vanilla.  Either way, this comes as a mix that you add water to and freeze yourself to serve your pet later.  I'd be thrilled as a dog if I got a scoop of ice cream after a long walk on a summer day, I think.

Puppy Cake Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix - Variety Pack of 3, Includes: 1-Maple Bacon , 1-Carob, and 1-Vanilla Ice Cream Mix

And the bionic bone was an intriguing concept.  It's made of rubber and specially formed to have a natural-feeling fit in your pet's mouth.  Because it's rubber it's more durable and it has more play variety than your average bone.  You can play fetch, tug-of-war, or, if you'll notice the large hole running through the center, stuff it with a treat such as peanut butter to occupy your furry friend for an hour or two.  Versatile and in one of my favorite colors, I'm a fan.

There'll be more cool stuff as we break into June next week.