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Bri's Weekly Top Three 9.1.17

Posted by Briana Graber on

Alright, it's finally time for my last top three article, and we've got a few interesting selections to look at today.  

For one, I worked with the brand Herbsmith for the first time this week.  Herbsmith is a brand that crosses traditional theories with modern research.  Their supplements are grounded in Chinese herbal remedies, their herbs picked from the best of their natural environments, and then tested right here in the USA before it's marketed to ensure their products work at their absolute peak.  One in particular I worked with was the Calm Shen, to help tame nervousness, anxiety, and destructive behaviors.  The fact that they post the breakdown of what each ingredient does on their website is both fascinating and helpful.  For instance "Angelica Tang Kuei (dang gui)...Tonifies the blood to nourish the heart without causing stress."

Then, with Halloween right around the corner in October already I enjoyed working with Up Country's Boo! Dog collar.  Up Country has a reputation for quality and the ghosts and pumpkins that dot this collar add just the right adorable touch to the upcoming spooky season.

And speaking of quality, I have yet to hear someone say something bad about fiesta ware quality, regardless of whether it fits their aesthetics.  For me?  I like the bold broad shapes and bright colors.  This pet bowl has a 7.25" diameter and holds 39.25 oz, or just shy of 5 cups for those who might have trouble visualizing amounts in ounces, like myself.  Fiesta ware holds up to the test of time and can make a statement in your kitchen or dining room.

Have a great week and stay safe.

Bri's Weekly Top Three 7.21.17

All cats, all the time.  Well, at least this week.  There was quite a few cat products and more than a handful caught my eye, though I tried to pare it down to a more manageable list for this week.First, even though it doesn't seem the most exciting, is a litter box.  Fact is, if [...]

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Summer, Dogs, and Allergies

Want to scratch your nose?  Do your hands tingle?  Is there an itch you can't scratch?  Sneezing?  You might have allergies.  Same thing happening to your dog?  They might too.  Heck, they might even have some of the same allergies as you.  It's summer and therefore allergy season is well underway, so if your pet seems [...]

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The Many Meanings of Meow

All of us are familiar with a cat's meow.  It's on kids toys that distinguish the types of animal sounds, we've heard it from our own cats, cats at a friend's house, or even on internet cat videos.  But fun fact: cat's only really meow at humans, not at each other.  Meows are the cat's [...]

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Finding the Right Pet: Parrot Edition

Here's a very not-so-well-kept secret: I'm a bird person.  I adore dogs and like cats and bunnies just fine, but in truth I'm a bird person.  From their gorgeous coloration to their intelligence to their very natures, I love birds.  Particularly smaller breeds like budgies and lovebirds, but any time there's any kind of parrot [...]

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Weekly Top Three 5.19.17

A clever idea I ran across this week is a water bottle that doubles as a pet dish.  The Gulpy Jr Water Dispenser has a lid that lines up with the bottles side and has a convenient belt clip for when you're not using it, but when Spot needs a drink the lid flips down into [...]

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Finding the Right Pet: Dog Edition

Most of us classify ourselves as 'cat' people or 'dog' people, and there's a good reason for that.  Cats and dogs have distinct personalities that are very lovable.  They're affectionate, loving, and provide us with a source of companionship that we just can't imitate in human interaction.  But they are a big responsibility.  Even if [...]

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Finding the Right Pet: Rabbit Edition

Every animal lover has that one pet that just suits them best.  For some, it's the classic cat or dog.  But there's more than two kinds of pet animals in the world and more than two kinds of animal lovers.  Outside of the classic due you have hamsters and ferrets and birds and fish and [...]

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Bissell Helps People Put Adoption First

Bissell Pet Foundation is an organization founded in 2011 by Cathy Bissell and devoted to encouraging people to choose adoption first and help out shelters.  The raise money for shelters and sponsor events like "Empty the Shelters" which are adoption days where Bissell covers all adoption fees for the day in order to "encourage prospective [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 2.24.17

Finished up the Midlee products I was working with, so I have one last batch for you until further notice.  This week we're talking about birthdays, dresses, and birds...not all at the same time, of course.For the first time I got to work with a product designed for birds, which was quite the pleasant surprise. [...]

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