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Bri's Weekly Top Three 4.28.2017

Posted by Briana Graber on

Saw some Puppy Bumpers this week.  Adorable, cute, and a great idea for keeping the little ones safe.  The whole idea behind the product is specifically for those who own pups in apartments with balconies.  You want to let them outside for the fresh air, but you don't want them to slip through the bars and accidentally hurt themselves.  But it also works great for backyards, fenced in play areas or dog parks, and any other situation where your little one could squirm their way through and run away or accidentally hurt themselves.  it slips over a collar with some ribbons to keep it in place, has cute designs, and it just an all around wonderful idea.  Plus they have rainproof versions.

No one particularly likes the smell of wet dog or trying to wrestle a dog into the bath unless they especially need it, so its nice to see some earth-friendly, people-tested and pet-approved grooming wipes.  These ones are especially designed for puppies.  With special care in the pH balance and mild formula.  They wipe away "dander, drool, discharge, and cling-ons" and leave behind a clean feeling and scent for your pup.

Last, there's an adorable hedgehog toy.  This outward hound plush captures the cuteness of the actual critter in a form your pet will be able to love and play with.  There's no plastic pieces your dog can tear off, the colors are realistically close to those of a hedgehog, and it has a squeaker, as all great plush toys for dogs do.

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