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Bri's Weekly Top Three 8.4.17

Posted by Briana Graber on

Who doesn't love cheese?  Granted, I live in Wisconsin, where even my lactose intolerance is barely an excuse to not enjoy or eat cheese, but still.  Cheese is delicious, and dogs think so too.  Actually my two favorite dogs run to the kitchen as soon as they hear a cheese wrapper opening and catch a whiff of the delicious goodness.  These soft baked cookies from My Doggy take a dog's love of cheese and turned it into a delicious mini cookie treat for them.  Bite sized, no preservatives, natural, and made in the USA?  Sign me up.

My DoggyAll Natural, Wheat and Corn Free, Mini Cheese, MADE IN USA

Speaking of cheesy, pizza is another one of those universally loved foods.  While it's not advisable to give your pet a slice of your pizza delivery next game night, you can still give them a slice of that pizza pie with Lulubelles pizza power plush.  The screen printing on the slice is incredibly realistic.  You can almost smell the pepperoni.  And the power plush material is extra durable so while they can bite at it all day long, it should stand up to even stronger chewers.

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned wood house?  I mean the real classics.  This wren house is classic style, no adornments, but is still made with lots of love and quality materials.  The cedar is a solid choice resistant to rot, bacteria, and a lot of other big bads that can shorten the lifespan of a bird house or have unintended consequence for the occupants.  You can clean this one out with a removable base, and the sloping tiered roof and shape is ideal for attracting wrens to nest in your yard.

Bri's Weekly Top Three 6.2.17

Who doesn't like lotion?  I tend to use it copiously due to chronically dry skin, and I'm very particular about which lotions I use because I hate that greasy film left behind by cheap lotions.  Dogs deserve the same treatment, perhaps more so, since they can't tell us whether or not cheap lotion bothers them. [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 5.25.17

I'm a bird person, so one of the first things I noticed this week was the snuggle hut from Prevue Pet.  Birds are flock animals and parrots will often snuggle each other in the night.  A great alternative for the solitary domesticated parrot is a snuggle hut.  The plush interior will keep them feeling secure and [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 5.12.17

This week I went back to Earth Animal, and their "Brushed on Benefits" treat line.  This time it was the soothe treat that caught my attention, but in general I still just like the concept of this treat.  It goes the extra mile to make sure you're giving the absolute best to your pet.  In the [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 3.24.2017

Pumpkin and blueberry together at last, wobbly fetch toys, and chew-able opossums.  It's been a week of a lot of different products, and, as usual, I'm here to talk about my favorites.  There's a couple brands I haven't discussed before, and KONG is making a reappearance for the third week in a row.  We'll kick [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 3.17.2017

Easter's hopping up on us, so this week there's a rabbit and carrot bend to the products, though none so direct as a rabbit toy, and I wouldn't argue that this week's list is very Easter-y.  This week we take a look at products from KONG (again), PetEdge, and Hare of the Dog.KONG keeps surprising [...]

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Bri's Weekly Top Three 12.22.16

Just before the holiday weekend here I have a few more things for you.  Unless they carry them in your local pet store, though, I wouldn't expect any of them to arrive in time for stocking stuffers.  Thankfully its not all treats this week, I figured everyone would be getting their share over the next [...]

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Hilarious DIY Christmas Gift for Your Dog

It's always good to add a little humor and something cute to the holidays, and gifts for your pet are a perfect opportunity.  There's always plenty to go around for little holiday treats-Santa's Coal bubble gum, lollipops shaped like Santa's beard, or, getting into DIY things, decorating mini-m&ms bottles to look like reindeer.  This one's [...]

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