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Traveling with Pets

Posted by Briana Graber on

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Travelling with pets can be a hassle, and some cities can be better than others for traveling with pets.  There's hotels and dog parks and access to emergency vets that you all have to consider.  And sometimes you need to worry about flying, too.  None of that is particularly fun, but traveling itself is, and taking your pet with you can be totally worth it.

If you're traveling for fun and not for work, it frees you up a bit since you'll get to choose your destination.  If you don't have a particular city or state in mind you can use lists like this one put out from rewardexpert that analyze different cities and inform you which ones are most pet friendly.  You're in luck if you've already settled on California or Florida for states, both have multiple listings in the top 15 cities.  Other than that, if you only know you want to travel to the upper midwest or New England area, you can find a pet-friendly city that'll suit you.  This list is compiled using three categories: "pet needs, pet recreation, and city profile" so no matter what your concern is, the top few are sure to cover it all.

Flying is a whole other monster when it comes to travel.  It's important to consider whether you should bring your pet at all if you're forced to fly to your destination.  As much as it could hurt to leave them behind, it's a matter of their own person health, too.  Animals with anything that might impact the frailty of their health (age, illness, pregnancy) should not fly at all.  The ASPCA has some great tips for traveling with pets by both car and plane, including things like how to make sure your furry friend is returned to you safely once you land again.  That's just dealing with the animal side of things, though.  On the human side there's the matter of the airports themselves, since some are easier to work with than others.  If you have more than one airport you can choose to depart from or arrive to, this list from pet friendly travel can be handy for picking the best option.  Even if you only have one airport in reasonable distance, it's still better to be forewarned if they aren't known for being particularly accommodating.

Best of luck in your (and your pet's) travels!