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Weekly Top Three 5.19.17

Posted by Briana Graber on

A clever idea I ran across this week is a water bottle that doubles as a pet dish.  The Gulpy Jr Water Dispenser has a lid that lines up with the bottles side and has a convenient belt clip for when you're not using it, but when Spot needs a drink the lid flips down into a dish for your furry friend to lap out of.  It has a modified cap that acts like an automatic water dispenser, so you won't have to use the whole water bottle just to let them have a few sips.  Clever idea, especially if you frequently go for runs or hikes with your pet.

Gulpy Jr. Water Dispenser for Pet, 10-Ounce(Colors may vary)

I know it's a month and a half away yet, but I love fireworks and so I've always been a 4th of July fan.  This collar almost looks like a patriotic firework between the  chiffon ribbons and the matching stars each ribbon is tipped with.  The collar band is elastic and it comes in a variety of sizes, so it's comfortable for your pet and easy to find the right fit.  It's especially perfect for a puppy who happens to be marching in a parade that day or for any family pictures you might plan on having to show off the big family grill-out.

Holiday Party Collar - L Patriotic Stars

It's always nice seeing pleasant ways to keep the memory of a pet alive.  Pearhead's Collar Keepsake Frame is just the right amount of memory for me.  I've seen some beautiful and touching urns, but there's something in the sheer simplicity of a happy picture with your pet and their favorite collar that is deeply appealing to me.  It's also a very touching gift to give to a grieving pet owner.  We often end up holding onto beloved pet collars anyway, this just provides a way to display in a graceful way.

Be back next week with another selection of the funniest, the most touching, or the most interesting items I see.