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Cat Clothes

Cat clothing, sweaters, tuxedos, dresses, and shirts!

Cat clothes are becoming more and more popular. Dressing your dog up in clothing has been around for while, but as social media grows, you see more and more cats in shirts, dresses, and more. 

Cat sweaters are very popular during the winter months. Whether your cat is aging or you have a shorter  haired cat that needs a little extra warmth, a stylish sweater can keep your cat warm.

Many cats will not accept clothes right away, but with patience, treats, lots of love, and some trial and error, your cat will grow to love wearing clothes. 

Many dog clothes are also great clothes for cats. Just measure you cat the same way you would measure a dog and find the perfect outfit for your cat.


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Monogram Shirt
Monogram Shirt$24.99
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Shannon Cat Shirt
Shannon Cat Shirt$52.99
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Savvy Cat Dress
Savvy Cat Dress$47.99
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Rachel Cat Dress
Rachel Cat Dress$42.99
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Plain Cat Shirt
Plain Cat Shirt$17.99
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Trey XO Shirt
Trey XO Shirt$29.99
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Tammy Cat Sweater
Tammy Cat Sweater$42.99
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While many people think of dressing up their dogs, there are many options available for cats as well! Dress up your cat for various events and holidays with an outfit. Whether it is for a wedding, Halloween, or Christmas, we have something for you and your kitty!

New kittens, aging or sick cats, or a hairless cat like a Sphynx, will appreciate having an extra layer of clothing to wear when the weather turns cold.

Just make sure that you allow your cat time to groom themselves, so give them some "free" time from their adorable outfit!  Otherwise, enjoy shopping for your furry feline friend.

One of the great advantages when shopping for clothes for your cat is that many dog clothing are also great clothes for cats. Medium and large cats are roughly the same size as smaller dogs, and the dog clothing will fit the cats just as comfortably.

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