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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your dog? Christmas and all holidays that are celebrated during this time are an important time for people to buy their pet gifts.

Whether you are looking to dress up your dog as Santa or wanting to buy a new dog bed, Poochieheaven has many great options and ideas for your Christmas holiday season. Looking for just clothes? We have an entire section of Dog Christmas Clothing! Many of these dog gifts would make great stocking stuffers for your dog or for a dog lover! And just remember no matter what present you get your dog, they will love you no matter what!

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We not only have Christmas presents for your dog, but we also have a wide selection of dog Christmas clothes and costumes.

We carry everything from beautiful Christmas themed dresses, to fun Santa suits, to adorable elf costumes for dogs. Not only do we have these apparel items for your dog, but they are available in many different sizes, from the small dogs to the large dogs!

Take a look at our great selection of great selection of dog Christmas clothes, and while you are here pick up some other Christmas gifts for your dog, like a toy or treat!

During the holidays you are busy preparing food and treats for friends and family, but what about your dog? Christmas dog gifts are the perfect way to integrate your family pet into the holiday. One of the most festive Christmas dog gifts is a Santa or elf dog outfit. They can wear these at the family parties. You can reward them with holiday-spirited treats such as peppermint flavored chew toys, giving them good breath and a fun Christmas gift. When you give Christmas cards to friends and family you can create personalized rawhide Christmas cards for your dog which are edible and fun. For non-edible dog gifts, there are a variety of dog clothes you can get to dress up your dog as a member of the family. You can find fun dog dresses for females and dog suits for males. For new puppies, some of the best gifts are ones which train them, give them exercise, and strengthen their bones. A flashing UFO ball is great because it changes colors once it is thrown. It will catch the eye of your dog and leave them excited the entire time. If it is snowing out, you can buy Christmas dog gifts such as warm mittens for their paws so that they can play in the snow without ice getting caught in between their toes or around their ankles.

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