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Dog blankets and mats are perfect to comfort your dog and keep them warm. Whether a large dog or small, these dog blankets are perfect for lining a crate, lying on for sleep and simply keeping your pooch warm and comfortable! The warm, fleece dog blankets work great for crates and keeping dogs comfortable. Browse through the many dog blankets below for large and small dogs.

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Dog Blankets and Dog Mats

During cold nights in your home, you most likely reach for a blanket, or maybe even a few blankets, while you sleep. Why should your dog not have the same luxury? They are experiencing the cold as well. Dogs need to be kept warm, and they need their rest in order to be the happy, healthy, and well behaved pets that we love. You should greatly consider a dog blanket for your pup in order to bring a little warmth to cold nights and wintery weather.

There are many dogs who do not have the benefit of thick warm fur coats and they need extra help staying warm. There are many dog breeds that were not built to withstand colder temperatures; these dogs struggle to stay warm on cold winter’s nights. There are also many dogs that simply love to burrow and bundle up in blankets when they sleep. You may have a pup that loves to dig his or her way into your bed at night. With  dog bedding, your dog can snuggle into their own bed at night without waking you.

Dog blankets or dog mats can also have a very calming effect on dogs. Dogs are comforted greatly by contact. They love to be touched, petted, and feel closeness. A dog blanket can provide your dog with a similar feeling of warmth and connection when you aren’t there to constantly be providing it. A dog mat also is inviting place for a dog to call their own pad.

Dog blankets can be especially important if you are welcoming a young puppy into your home. Puppies are not only more vulnerable to the cold than older dogs, but they are also likely to experience a lot of anxiety when entering a new home and being separated from their mother and siblings. A puppy blanket will keep the puppy warm and calm the puppy also. Having a cozy dog blanket ready is a great way to welcome a new pup. These dog bed covers will welcome your pup to bed every night.

A dog blanket is also a great way to keep your home and furniture clean of fur and dirt from your dog’s paws. You can easily train your dog to sit or lay on his or her own special dog blanket instead of jumping onto your nice furniture. If you have a piece of furniture where you allow your dog to sit, you can drape a stylish dog blanket over that area. You can then easily remove and wash the dog blanket, taking care of any fur that the dog sheds.

Dog blankets are made from soft, yet durable, materials that will stand up to your small dog or large dog’s needs. Dog crate blankets allow your pet to relax better in their crate.


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