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Crates: Great for Training, Sleeping, Traveling!

Dog crates have many uses. They can help secure your dog while at home, while in the car, or while at family's house. Many dog view the crate as their home and thus loving spending time in there!

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Soft Dog Crates

Traveling away from home can be a very stressing and scary experience for a dog. Whether you are taking your pup for a quick trip to the veterinarian, or going a long vacation with your dog, you and your dog can benefit greatly from using a dog crate. Dog crates are a great way to transport your pet and make them feel more at home at any destination. Dog crates are also often used when training a new dog who is just adjusting to your home. Since a dog crate will provide a very significant function for your dog’s happiness, it is important to invest in very nice one from Poochie Heaven.

Choose a dog crate from Poochie Heaven that is made out of soft yet durable materials that will last your dog for many trips. Choose from one of many soft dog crates that look great and have many attached compartments for you to easily store and access important pet supplies. These dog crates come in many different styles and colors that will look great wherever you set it up.

Cold hard plastic crates are a thing of the past. The future is soft, comfortable, and modern dog crate designs. This dog crate is your pup’s home away from home, so it should feel like a home. Dog crates from Poochie Heaven can comfortably double as a cozy dog bed. Many pet owners leave their dog in a crate while they are away from home, to keep the dog from getting into trouble. To make your dog’s time in their crate more enjoyable, there are dog crates available with soft cushioned bottoms that are great for napping. There are also larger dog crates available, or pet pens that will allow the dog more room to stretch their legs and move around. If you are forced to crate your dog, at least ensure that their time in the crate is as enjoyable as possible.

Dog crates and dog pens are very easily transported from location to location. When traveling on vacation with your pet, your can easily set up a dog crate bed  and give your dog a home away from home where they can go and feel comforted, calm, and safe. If you are worried about your dog causing any damage at a host’s home or a hotel room, you can ease your mind by keeping them in a luxurious dog crate.

Dog crates come in many sizes, a small dog crate, puppy crates and big dog crate are all made to the highest standards for comfort your pet.


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