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A good dog harness can be worth a million dollars!

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Lovey Dovey Dog Vest
Lovey Dovey Dog Vest Price: $42.90
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Claire Dog Harness
Claire Dog Harness Price: $43.99
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Lil Teddy Dog Vest
Lil Teddy Dog Vest Price: $49.20
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Hannah Dog Harness
Hannah Dog Harness Price: $35.99
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JW Dog Harness
JW Dog Harness Price: $39.99
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Andy Dog Harness Top
Andy Dog Harness Top Price: $36.60
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Orion Jacket for Dogs
Orion Jacket for Dogs Price: $27.14
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Dog Harnesses

There are many reasons that a dog harness could be a better fit for your dog than a dog collar. Some dogs need a bit of extra help win learning to walk with a leash; other dogs pull and tug too much on their leashes, causing a conventional dog collar to be dangerous. There are many dogs that have the tendency to slip out of their dog collars or simply just do not like to wear a collar. The answer is a quality dog harness from Poochie Heaven.

Poochie Heaven has every kind of dog harness you many need, including small dog harnesses, large dog harnesses, designer harnesses and leather harnesses. These dog harnesses  or dog vest will look and feel great, as they are made from high quality and durable materials, such as a leather dog harness, with your dog’s needs in mind. Choose from a wide variety of harnesses to choose the design that is right for you and your dog. Choose from fun and flashy design patterns, to a more discrete dog harness style.

Dog trainers often use dog harnesses because a dog harness allows you to have better control over the dog. When you pull a dog by a collar, their reaction is often to fight back against the pulling on their neck. When you pull on a dog wearing a harness, their entire center of gravity is pulled into the right direction, and they do not feel the same desire to pull and tug. If you have a dog that tends to pull and fight the leash, using a traditional collar can be very harmful to their neck, and possibly cause serious harm. A dog harness distributes any tension throughout the dog’s entire body, which is much safer for the dog. A small dog harness can be a lifesaver for those dogs that have sensitive tracheas and cannot have a dog collar rubbing against it.

Dogs love to be touched and feel closeness, and a dog harness often gives dogs a feeling of enclosure and security that can have a very calming effect, making your outings much more enjoyable. There is a reason that dog harnesses are so widely used among dog trainers: dog harnesses are one of the easiest ways to have better, safer, and more control over your dog, in order to bring out the best behavior possible.


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