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Bath time with your dog can be a good bonding experience and can strengthen your relationship with your dog. Dog shampoo is for those people who would rather give their dog a bath then bring them to a groomer or those who need to give their dog a quick bath between grooming appointments. Whether or not your dog is one who enjoys bath time or not, all dogs love a clean and soft fur coat that comes with a good shampooing. Poochie Heaven supplies only the best dog shampoos that is safe for the dog’s skin and will leave the dog with a silky clean coat.

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Dog Smog Remedy
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Dog Baths with Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Did you know that harsh detergents, synthetic perfumes, and artificial colors can cause skin irritations, hair loss, and allergic reactions on your dogs skin? If you want to take a safe route and avoid these harsh ingredients, you can shop Poochie Heaven's dog shampoo products for all natural dog shampoos that are good for your dog! These shampoos work great and will leave your dog looking and smelling great.

If you want to give your dog’s coat and even better finished appearance, you can follow the dog shampoo up with a dog conditioner and, once the dog is dry, and dog perfume. Like the dog shampoo, these products are also all natural and will be completely safe for your dog and his or her sensitive skin. These will leave the dog looking and smelling like they have just left the groomers.  Don’t forget the dog brush or dog comb to make your pet look just right.

Dogs need shampooing and washing for more reasons than just aesthetic purposes. Dogs are very active and spend a lot of time running, playing, and getting dirty. This not only makes the dog smell terrible, but it causes dirt, sweat, and possibly bacteria to build up on the dog’s coat. If the dog’s fur is left without a cleaning, the hair can become knotted and matted and the dog could eventually develop an illness, and infection, or a rash on their skin. In order to keep these issues from developing, you should regularly shampoo your dog and keep their fur and skin cleaned.

A clean dog means a happy dog and a happy dog owner. When your dog is groomed properly, your home is also cleaner. Washing your dog cleans the dog, alleviates the amount of hair shed onto your furniture, and keeps your dog smelling great. If you do not like to take your dog to the groomer frequently, your can do the work yourself at home and have a great time bonding with your pet over bath time. Choose from Poochie Heaven’s many high quality dog shampoos and dog conditioners and keep your dog just home from the groomer’s clean, all the time.


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