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Dog Pyramid Puzzle Dog Toy

Dog Pyramid Puzzle Dog Toy
Dog Pyramid Puzzle Dog Toy
Dog Pyramid Puzzle Dog Toy

Regular Price: $34.99

Our Price: $29.24



Do you remember those punching bags as a kid that no matter how hard you hit them, they would never tip over? Here is the same thing for dogs!

The Dog Pyramid Puzzle Dog Toy from Nina Ottosson is impossible to knock down. It will always right itself so your dog has to keep working to get the treats out!

These unique interactive puzzles are designed to enrich your pets mind and foster a stronger relationship between people and their beloved furry family members. These toys are revolutionizing the way we think of playing with our pets.

This toy now comes in a Dog Pyramid Junior for those small dogs.


Martha -
I put the pyramid puzzle on the mantle so my dog couldn't get at it unless I was there to watch him. He managed to get it in the middle of the night (I heard it rattling around downstairs). The fact that he went to all that trouble is a testimony to his interest, I'd say.

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