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Home » Toys » Interactive Dog Toys » Gold Paw Stuffables - Recycler Roll - Dog Toy

Gold Paw Stuffables - Recycler Roll - Dog Toy

Gold Paw Stuffables - Recycler Roll - Dog Toy

Our Price: $18.75
Sale Price: $17.81



Be ready to love a toy just as much as your dog does! With this stuffable toy you can place anything inside to create new and exciting chew sensations for your dog. It will keep them entertained for hours.

They're ready to be stuffed with all sorts of things! We like: crinkly plastic bags, empty plastic bottles, pulled-out stuffing from destroyed toys, tennis balls, socks with holes in them, you name it! Every stuffing creates a different experience for your dog and creates a new use for something you might otherwise throw away. Impressively tough while staying soft to chew!

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