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Dog Toy Puzzles to Challenge Your Dog

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Chase N Pull Dog Toy
Chase N Pull Dog Toy Price: $26.99
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Dog Foobler
Dog Foobler Price: $49.99
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Tennis Minis- 6-pack
Tennis Minis- 6-pack Price: $14.99
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Treatstik Dog Toy
Treatstik Dog Toy Price: $21.99
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Interactive Dog Toys

Many dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation. With the right dog toys, you can help develop your dog’s mind and their critical thinking skills. Without toys that allow the dog to think and challenge their mind, they can easily grow bored and anxious.

Interactive dog toys typically have some element of a challenge attached to playing. The dog must move pieces around in order to be rewarded with a toy or a treat. Many of the interactive dog toys act as puzzles which the dog must solve in order to be rewarded. Interactive dog toys are available at different levels of difficulty as some dogs need easier puzzles, and some need more advanced puzzles. The dog puzzle toys can be as simple as moving a ball a certain way to release a treat, to arranging pieces of a complex puzzle. As the dog completes the easier puzzles, they will happily move forward with the more challenging interactive dog toys.

It can be a very fun bonding experience to play with your dog using an interactive dog toy. The dog begins to learn through the toy that when he or she completes certain tasks, they are rewarded. If the owner helps the dog with the puzzle, the dog soon learns that if they listen to their owner’s commands, they will be lead to a treat. Therefore, an interactive dog toy can help make your dog respond more positively as you teach it other commands and behaviors. Interactive dog toys are suitable for dogs at any age; they can also be a great tool to use when developing a trusting relationship with a new puppy.

Dogs love the mental stimulation provided by interactive dog toys and dog toy puzzles. It keeps them amused and motivated. If dogs do not have some kind of mental stimulation they can grow stressed and bored just as humans do. When dogs become stressed, they tend to develop behavior problems, often stemming from excess energy. They can begin to act out and become destructive. Interactive dog toys relieve this stress and reinforce positive behavioral traits within your dog.

Interactive dog toys will keep your dog busy because they have to think to play. Interactive dog toys often lead to smart, happy, and well behaved dogs.


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