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Home » Toys » Durable Dog Toys » Mighty Toy Arctic - Wally the Walrus Toy for Dogs

Mighty Toy Arctic - Wally the Walrus Toy for Dogs

Mighty Toy Arctic - Wally the Walrus Toy for Dogs

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Let this toy make a new best friend for your pup as you enjoy watching them play.  Made with a golden brown hue, Wally the Walrus is an eye-catching toy that may just be love at first sight for your pooch.  You can be sure Wally will stick around awhile, made with Mighty toughness and durability.

Mighty Toy Construction: Durability is created for each toy with multiple layers of flexible materials. Compared to other toys, Mighty Dog Toys have no hard edges. The result is that these toys do not promote chewing - great when you're trying to discourage chewing habits. These are plush on the outside, but all the durability features are internal making these toys soft, yet MIGHTY strong.

This toy is easy to wash, simply toss in with laundry and air dry.  With the ability to float, this toy makes a great water sport addition. 

Warning: You are responsible for your dog’s safety. These toys are for play, not chewing and may result in injury if your dog would ingest any part of the toy

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