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Nina Ottosson Dog Casino- Plastic

Nina Ottosson Dog Casino- Plastic

Our Price: $60.74



This is the most difficult level of toy available. If your dog is brilliant, this is the option for you. Your pet will need to show their stuff before being rewarded with the treats hidden in the toy.

This plastic version of Nina Ottosson's original wooden Dog Casino is not for the easily stumped, your pet must learn to pull the pegs from the top of the puzzle in order to slide a small tray containing a treat out of the side of the game. This game sets is the new gold standard for canine ingenuity.

This is a level 3 toy, the hardest Nina Ottosson toys available.


Tracie Skok -
Just purchased for my dog at xmas for his b-day next month. he will love the challenge of this. I saw a friend's dog with it, and it takes longer to get them trained to access treats in this one.

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