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Home » Toys » Interactive Dog Toys » Nina Ottosson Dog Twister- Plastic

Nina Ottosson Dog Twister- Plastic

Nina Ottosson Dog Twister- Plastic

Our Price: $60.74



Your dog needs to feel challenged and entertained. When your pooch is bored they might exhibit bad behavior. A toy like this will help keep your puppy entertained and stimulated.

This plastic version of Nina Ottosson's original Dog Twister requires your dog to locate the hidden treats by moving the interlocked segments around the circular puzzle in different directions with either his nose or paw. To increase the difficulty, various segments can be locked in position with the accompanying bone pegs provided.


len -
she had the dog casino which the locking bones. this is different in that she has to slide the partitions. it took four sessions where i can put a treat farthest from the first opening and she knows to pull the bones up to it and slide each partition until she gets the right one.

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