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Pteradactyl DinoSaurs Dog Toy

Pteradactyl DinoSaurs Dog Toy

Our Price: $36.40



High upon a mountain cliff, beyond the white mist of a wandering cloud sits in wait the great Pterodactyl. With its enormous wingspan it takes flight across the great expanse of chairs, couches and coffee tables. Now more than ever your dog will fly to new canine heights with this enormous prehistoric bird. These toys are BIG! For dogs who like to play and have a fun companion. With one squeaker in each wing, your dog won’t grow tired of this exciting new toy!
Tuff Scale: 7
For Dogs: Medium to Large
Size: 19”x 26”x 11”
Squeakers: 2

Toys are made with four layers that contain two layers of industrial grade luggage fabric, one layer of plastic coating and the soft fleece outside layer.  Together, these layers offer a durable and long lasting toy.  Two layers of cross stitching and linear stitching provide extra strength. A final piece of black trim is sewn with three linear stitches to make a total of seven strong seams. The Dinosaur Series are not guaranteed due to their detailed construction.

Veterinarian Recommended and Approved. This toy is easy to wash, simply toss in with laundry and air dry.  With the ability to float, this toy makes a great water sport addition. 

Warning: You are responsible for your dog’s safety. These toys are for play, not chewing and may result in injury if your dog would ingest any part of the toy.


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