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Puppy Bumpers

Puppy Bumpers
Puppy Bumpers
Puppy Bumpers

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Our Price: $28.99



Keep your dog safe outside with a puppy bumper! These stuffed safety collars attach to your dog's existing collar to keep your dog from squeezing between the fence or balcony rails---or under gates!

Type the name of the style you want in the box. 

Sizing: The best way to know the size is to measure the dog’s neck. Leave room for a collar that the Puppy Bumper will attach to. We suggest you get an extra collar to leave in the Puppy Bumper so it’s easy to put on when you want to.

  • Small- Up to 10” Neck – Generally for Toy Breeds approximated up to 11 lbs. or skinny neck pups like Italian Greyhounds or Min Pins.
  • Medium- 10 to 13” Neck – Mid-range pups from 12 lbs to about 25 lbs.
  • Large- 13 to 16” Generally over 20 lbs.

Color options: 

  • pink dot
  • white and black check
  • navy dot
  • ultra tropical fantasy
  • black dot
  • red dot
  • winter plaid
  • mint chocolate chip
  • jolly roger
  • rainbow paws
  • chocolate cherry
  • muddy paws
  • bugs & hearts
  • black and white paws
  • red dot

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