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Car Seat Covers

The interior of your car can suffer greatly with a dog passenger if the seats are not protected. As you transport your dog to and from various locations, the dog’s claws can do harm to the seat material, dog hair can be shed all over the seats, and the dog’s paws can track mud and dirt onto your seats. What you need is an extra layer of protection between your dog and your car seats. Protect your vehicle's seat from damage, mud, and dog hair with a dog car seat cover.'

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Dog Car Seat Covers For Your Pet


Poochie Heaven has many different pet travel seat covers available; there is sure to be at least one or two styles available that will look great with the interior of your car. The dog seat covers are very sleek and chic, and are available in subdued neutral colors that will blend in great with your car seats. The dog car seat covers are made from the best fabrics and materials to not only provide protection for your seats, but to also provide cozy and comfortable seat that your dog will enjoy.

When you take your dog out in your car, you are frequently taking the dog somewhere where they can run and play, such a dog park, hiking trail, or the beach. These outings are immensely fun, but when your dog is ready to go home, their paws are covered in mud, dirt, and sand. The dog jumps into your car and for days afterwards you car smells like your dog, is covered in dog hair, and the seats are filthy. It is much easier and simpler to take a dog car seat out of the car and clean it than to try to give the inside of your car a detailed cleaning.

Whether you have a large dog or a small dog, having your dog climbing in and out of your car can do quite a bit of harm to the upholstery. Their paws and claws are very rough on the fabric and material and need a thick and durable dog car seat to separate them from the delicate car seats. Dog car seats are designed with the power of your dog’s paws in mind and will provide your car seats with the protection needed.

Choose a pet car seat from Poochie Heaven today and give your pet a soft and comfortable seat in your car. You can choose a pet car seat cover that fits one car seat, or choose a dog car seat cover that will fit across the entire backseats of your car, allowing the pet to move from one side to the other if they would like. You will love how clean your seats stay and your pet will love it because these car seat covers are comfy!


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