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St. Patrick's' Day

For those people looking to spend and spoil their dogs on St. Patrick's Dog. We have many great St. Patrick's Day Dog Gifts including clothes and tasty dog treats!

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Sometimes it is ok to be a little green, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. There is no reason you cannot celebrate with your dog by buying St. Patrick’s Day dog gifts. If you want to purchase edible dog gifts there are a variety of dog treats such as flavored biscuits in the shape of bones which you can make at home. You can invest in dog cakes flavored with liver and carrots and made from natural ingredients. There are many twists and ties which can be used when training your dog or rewarding them for good behavior. These can be flavored with beef, pork, or chicken, and contain ingredients perfect for dogs with sensitive digestive tracks. You can provide them with edible cards for the holidays made out of rawhide. If you want to give them edible toys which will clean their teeth while they chew, you can buy dog gifts which remove plaque and are fun. These include rawhide bones with bristles or balls in the middle. If you prefer non-edible gifts you can dress up your dog in a green outfit and hat which is suited for St. Patrick’s Day. With green and gold your dog will look like a genuine leprechaun.

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