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Home » Beds » Gates & Steps for Dogs » Travel-Lite Pet Pen 24" by 36"

Travel-Lite Pet Pen 24" by 36"

Travel-Lite Pet Pen 24" by 36"

Our Price: $135.99



Buy the dog pen that is lightweight for easy transport or even use it in your home.  The placement opportunities seem endless.  Put it on your deck, bring it to the beach, or even use it on vacation.  House training puppies is tedious and messy, so use this pet pen to make the whole process less stressful.  Along with puppies, this pen is perfect for your small dog.  The zipper door and compact folding features make this pet pen ultra portable and functional.  Interact with your dog even while they are secured in their pen with the open top and tall walls. 

Features: 18 pounds

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