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The winner is notified by email within the first week of each month, and if that person replies, we ship them a great dog gift for FREE.

NOTE: It is only necessary to sign up just ONCE a month. Signing up multiple times in a month does NOT increase your chances of winning.

About The Dog Gift:
The dog gift will change each month and depends on the type of dog the winner has. For example the owner of a German Shepherd will not win a XXS shirt fit for a Yorkie. They will win an appropriate high quality gift that fits their needs. When you are the winner you will receive an email asking what type of dog you own and giving you some options to win. All dog gifts are also available on the site, so you will be able to see the product specifications of each.

Our Privacy Policy:
We absolutely PROMISE that your information stays ONLY with us.
We do NOT share it with anyone. That is a Promise

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In signing up here, to win a FREE Dog Gift, you understand that you will become part of our VERY PRIVATE and PROTECTED database at On occasion, we like to stay in touch with our customers to let them know of our latest offerings. By signing up, you AGREE to receive an occasional email message or newsletter, and you AGREE that this will NOT be considered unsolicited (spam) email.

With each email message, you will also be given the opportunity to Opt Out of receiving any more emails from us. If you do opt out, your removal from our database means that you'll no longer be eligible to win a Free Dog Gift from But you can always sign up again at another time, and go back into our database.

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Very Important: If your email address or name are not correct, then we will not be able to contact you (via email) in  the event that you WIN. In that case, we will draw again, and someone else will  win. So, please be sure to CAREFULLY spell your email address and full name  correctly. Thank you.

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