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Poochieheaven has a large selection of the dog accessories you need to outfit your dog. Choose from fun dog charms or help dog sunglasses. All of these items will help to accessorize your dog!

Dogs with long hair need cute hair bows and barrettes to keep the hair out of the eyes. Who doesn't want to see more of those cute sensitive eyes of their little loved one?

Dog jewelry is the new ‘must have’ dog accessory for those pampered pooches. Dog jewelry can mean multiple things, whether it is charms on a collar or dog necklaces that will make you wish they came in larger sizes.

Dog Accessories

A great way to give your dog’s outfit a unique touch is to add a few dog accessories. Dog accessories are also a fun way to dress your dog if they do not enjoy wearing bulky clothing. Instead of upsetting your dog with a bulky outfit, you can help them look great with a cute piece of dog jewelry or some ultra cool dog sunglasses.

Choose from fun dog charms that easily attach to your dog’s collar. Your dog most likely wears a collar all of the time, at least when they are out of your house, for identification purposes. You can now add a little flair to your dog’s collar with the help of dog charms that are available in many different shapes and styles to show of your dog’s sassy personality. Choose for rhinestones, gems, cute shapes, and other charms that you can easily rotate through to give your dog’s collar a bit of variety.

You can also keep your dog cool and protected with the help of dog sunglasses. Dog’s eyes can also be damaged by strong UV light. A pair of dog sunglasses will help protect your dog’s eyes and make bright sunny walks more enjoyable. Not only do dog sunglasses perform a valuable function, but they make your pup look very charming and suave.

Choose from a wide variety of adorable dog hair bows and barrettes that will show off your dog’s cute little face and add a cute bow accent to frame their face. If you have a long haired puppy, dog hair bows and barrettes allow you to experiment and get creative with cute hairstyles for her. These cute little accessories are a great way to pamper your little girlie pup.

Dog accessories provide excellent ways for you to dress up a dog that does not enjoy wearing dog clothing or add flare to a dog outfit. Poochie Heaven has all of the designer dog accessories needed to keep your dog having fun and looking classy. All of these items, including dog sunglasses, dog hair bows, and other luxury dog accessories, will help to accessorize your dog in style!

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