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Large selection of elevated dog bowls and dog feeders

Your immaculate kitchen will look even better with your own dog dining items, including designer dog bowls, doggie place mats, and even cat bowls. And no dog dining experience is complete without delicious dog treats. Dinner time is one of your dog’s very favorite parts of the day, and you can make it extra special with a personalized place mat and dog bowl with the dog’s name or nickname. Have your dog dine from the best, and keep your kitchen looking clean and stylish with dog dining dishes and placemats.

Find a dog bowl that fits your dog’s unique personality! Poochie Heaven offers a wide selection of high quality and original dog bowl products. You can keep your floors clean with an elevated dog feeder. If your dog has a tendency to move their dog food bowls around, or tip their bowls over, an elevated dog feeder can stop those bad habits immediately. You can do away with dog food and water spills on your floor and keep your floor nice and tidy.  

Dog Dining

To keep your floors even cleaner, you can add a dog placematto slip under the dog food bowl. This matt will catch any of the food or water that does happen to fall out of the bowls, and it gives the entire dog dining set up a complete and polished look. You can easily coordinate the dog bowls with a personalized dog placemat and put together a place setting for your pup that will look great and fit in nicely with your home’s décor.

Both the dog bowls and the dog placemats can be personalized for your special dog. Give your dog a unique diner bowl and placemat monogrammed with their own name, initials, or nickname. Not only can your dog’s dining area be personalized for them, but you can choose from unique and creative dog dining items that you will not be able to find in a pet store.

You can keep your dog even happier in between meal times with the help of some delicious yet healthy dog treats. Poochie Heaven provides great tasting dog treats with a heavy focus on natural and organic ingredients that are great for your dog. You can use these delicious dog treats to reward your dog for good behavior or use them to provide your dog with a nutritional snake between regular meal times.

When taking care of your dog’s dinner needs, choose from elevated dog feeders, personalized dog bowls and dog placemats. You will find beautiful hand-made, custom, and personalized dog or cat bowls as well. Your dog’s feeding times are very important to their health and happiness, and with the help of Poochie Heaven you can provide the highest quality dog dining experience.




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